Our business model makes us different

Blackboard  was established to address the increasing need for strategic, professional and creative communications services within companies. We are a digital-centric marketing agency with deep experience in all media and aspects of marketing. Our in-house market research capabilities enables us to advise and guide our clients to achieve success more efficiently than trial and error methods.

It’s our mission to provide successful lead producing services to our clients. To provide effective and affordable websites, marketing and promotional items to our clientele. We can give life to your  projects, offer services in all aspects of communications, marketing and advertising. We are here to listen. We are here to help you grow.
Our ultimate goal is to help YOU generates leads that produce an best return on investment for your company.


Ideas into products

The Blackboard team specializes in taking a undressed idea and tailoring it into a high quality product.Our approach vows every single step of development that occurs with the insight of our of experienced design team.


We Are User Directed

One of our main focal points is to convert one time visitors into loyal customers through great design and marketing. We thoroughly consider each interaction throughout our design process, creating a downright remarkable experience.

We launch start-ups

Our experience enables us to make the crucial decisions necessary for a startup’s success. We excel at viewing through the eyes of users — evaluating, simplifying, streamlining, and creating products within a short timeframe.



Consumer relevance and privacy

At Blackboard, we believe that advertising produces the best possible results when it’s genuinely useful to consumers and respectful of their privacy. We’re investing in industry-leading techniques that are delivering results for advertisers. 

There are two key principles that drive our advertising products:

  1. Transparency: It should be clear to consumers why they’re seeing certain advertisements, and for both advertisers and consumers, there should be complete transparency about what data is being used to generate leads.
  2. Control: Consumers should be able to control the advertising they receive, with the ability to easily opt-out of advertising they’re not interested in.